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  MS-2000 At a Glance
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Patrick () writes:
I finally bought a MS2000 yesterday, and Yes! It sounds _exactly_ the way I want a really advanced analogue synth to sound. Yet it gives all the advantages that I, as a midi user, excpect in a modern synthesizer. It looks very beautiful, too, really high-tech and inviting to the player. Almost all of the factory presets are immediately useable, not common sense in the world of synthesizers, and even if I belong to those who believe I can program a synthesizer, this isn't always what one wants to do; sometimes it's great just to sit down and play, and if lucky, come up with something good. I got loads of inspiration when playing this new baby. The four voices isn't a limitation, really, since the synthesizer is not suited for all of the bread and butter sounds one needs in a composition; this is why we use several synths, not just one. For me, that's the way it should be; it creates a wider, more interesting sound.

This Korg synth is the most cool gadget I've ever had. It's totally complex-sounding, yet easily operated and with a stunning design; I don't care much of the spices and devices which resists on its inside, I care about what made synths appeal me at first; instant playability, instant lovely electronic sounds you'd love to be able to control in real time. A beautiful synthesizer, with just as much credibility as the ones we know as Minimoog, Mono/Poly, Arp 2600, Oberheim SEM & Xpander, Roland SH-2 / 3A / 5 / 7... it fits in the picture damned well. Thank you, Korg!

(Thanks to Patrick for this info.)

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