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  EX800 Synthesizer Module At a Glance
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Patrick D. Rosenbalm ( writes:
I had a Poly 800 (same as this but keyboard) and sold it for a DX-21. I had always liked the sound of it and when I had the chance to get an EX 800 I grabbed it. If you like the eighties fat string synth sound and fat bright organ sounds (not B3) you will like this. You do have to live with one VCF is it's biggest drawback. Also Korg made a few Poly 800s with reverse color keyboards.

Comments About the Sounds:
If you know how to program this beast or should I say have the patience to work with it you can get some good sounds. Eighties "Prince" sounding organs and fat synth-strings are pretty good on it. Each DCO has 16', 8', 4', 2' additive pitches which are good for organs. Now the bad points, only one VCF, very basic MIDI, and when the filter's wide open and a saw-down wave is selected, it has a whine, but in tune. Here's why the additive pitches make the saw down. On a scope it looks like a staircase.

(Thanks to Patrick D. Rosenbalm for this info.)

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