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  CTS 2000 At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: 1988  Specifications
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Manfred Tuschewitzki writes:
Cross table synthesis is some kind of wavetable synthesis - with 333 digitally sampled waveforms -control up to 6 wave tables per voice with complete analog processing for each voice incl. 24db per octave filter. 2 times 5 parameter envelope generators & 3 LFO's. 6 data entry slider for realtime editing of all parameters. It's perfect for playing life. The good things: The Synth.(made by Siel) has an excelent Keyboard, the frame and back are made from strong and real heavy steel. As mentioned befor the Bell, Organ, Syn.String, Syn. Brass, Syn.Bass and Fx Sounds are great and very special. The bad things: The Midi implementation is very very bad - sometimes it doesen't work at al in combination with other synths - very difficult to use as an expander.

Comments About the Sounds:
Natural instruments a very poor - but it's own synth. sounds a very beautiful, scary and fat. There a very special and I don't wont to miss them.

(Thanks to Manfred Tuschewitzki for this info.)

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