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  Juno JX-3P Synthesizer At a Glance
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Freek Konings ( writes:
I bought it second handed at the beginning of this year, i had to fix two keys (they were too dusty) I still don't know how to use it with more than one midi controllable keyboards (i do not have the manual, can U help me) If you have to option to buy this thing, with the optional pg-200. do give more money for that pg-200, because you can't use it with midi. You can edit the synth without this thing. I like the chorus effect on the synth. The sounds get more phat and deeper.

Well.... all i can say it's a good synth to start with if you want an analog sound, but if you have the option to buy a Juno or a Jupiter, you better get those.

( if someone has this synth too, and has a manual... Please Mail Me?!)

FrannckGood synth, easy to use if you have the PG-200 module (the programmer), cool sounds, small sequencer

Comments About the Sounds:
Only really of much use with the PG

(Thanks to Freek Konings for this info.)

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