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  JX-1 At a Glance
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Aaron ( ) writes:
The keyboard touch is a bit light and plastic. The sounds cannot be modified that much - basically attack speed, reverb level, vibrato and so on. The mod wheel is the standard Roland joystick type and not very usable but this maybe the fault of the synth being too sensitive to modulation data as it controlled a Proteus Emu-1 quite reasonably. The data sliders are a nice touch as they can be used to control vibrato speed, depth, reverb time, etc in real time (provided that you are only playing one-handed). The addition of a tone control is a nice touch. The controls are sensible laid out and are made of non-slip rubber, don't feel too fragile or plasticky and are backed up by LEDs. The ability to turn down velocity sensitivity in stages for all sounds is quite handy for those sweaty gigs when you can hardly keep your hands on the keys. The problems are that it is only monotimbral, although it is a good choice, especially second hand, for someone who is seeking to be a main keyboard player in a band and wants a basic selection of good quality and is not interested in sequencing. It's light weight also makes it good for gigs. The problem for gigs is its bizzare shape with pointed ends which makes it impossible to prop it up in a corner of the stage while waiting for the thrash band from Scarborough who are the first support band to finish.

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(Thanks to Aaron for this info.)
and Adrian T for the pic

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