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  Juno 106 Synthesizer At a Glance
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Daniel Ferguson ( ) writes:
The DCO provides for extremely stable pitch, while preventing loss of warm tones. complete 6 voices, retains 128 patch programs, pedal switch to PATCH SHIFT IN changes through bank of 8 in order,transpose to any key, portamento, chorus great for a even fatter sound,5 octaves, poly 1- overlappling 6 voices, poly 2- up to six notes depressed at one time poly1+poly2=SOLO unison mode great for odd monophonicisms, DCO- LFO mod,PWM,waveforms-pulse and sawtooth,range 16',8',4' Sub Oscillator, white noise generator,HPF-cutoff freq(0\1\2\3) VCF-cutoff ferquency,resonance(0-self oscillation).ENV mod, polarity switch,LFO mod,key follow (0-100%), VCA-contol signal selector switch (envelope,gate), VCA level, ENV- attack (1.5ms-3s), decay (1.5ms-12s),sustain(0-100%). release (1.5ms-12s) LFO-rate(0.1Hz-30Hz), delay (0-3s). and more... controllers(modulation+mod),MIDI ,memory, etc... a great synth, I love mine, need I say more!

David Churcher: The Juno-106 is a really basic straightforward analog synth. All of its functions are on separate front panel sliders and knobs and the architecture is very simple, so it's an ideal beginner's synth. The sounds you can get out of it are a bit limited but they all sound great. It has digital oscillators so it doesn't go out of tune. You can combine pulse and sawtooth waves with a sub-bass oscillator that runs an octave lower. There's a high-pass filter which has even more bass boost, and a low-pass filter which resonates to self-oscillation and has a really smooth tone to it, unlike some digital filters. There's a really noisy chorus effect that generates pseudo-stereo output, and one of the earliest MIDI implementations ever produced.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Daniel Ferguson for this info.)

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