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  Clavinet At a Glance
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Anonymous writes:
One of the top half dozen keyboards of all time. Beloved by all. Great sounding and immediately recognised when ever you hear it. As a stand alone keyboard, it sounds surprisingly awkward. When a clavinet player joins in with the band with a funky riff, people start to cheer.

I believe it was initially designed to be a classical instrument. Stevie Wonder used one and the rest, is, well, history.

The most popular model is the D6. There are a variety of different models. One combines the clavinet with the pianet. That's cool!

It runs off a 9v battery. The action and sound are based on the plucking of a reed. It sounds quite percussive.

Good ones are gold dust. Expect to pay a fortune for a D6. Other models tend to be slightly cheaper. All are rare and histerically sought after. Every synth from the M1 to Z1 have a program named 'clavinet'. Most sound quite good. It's an easy sound to sample or emulate. Not perfectly, but near enough.

Most 'one sound' keyboards become a cliche after a while. The clavinet certainly hasn't. It still sounds fresh and funky.

Comments About the Sounds:
The back bone of funky music.

and Ruffin Waller - for the pic

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