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Anonymous writes:
A fabulous peice of equipment, if you watched Doctor Who as a kid, this is the machine that generated a lot of the music and heaps of the sound FX. Wearing a white coat and carrying a clipboard while using one of these is mandatory!

Not the easiest of machines to operate but hours of fun to be had, and hours of fun trying to recreate a patch that you'd made only a couple of weeks ago. These synths often have modifications made to them by various boffins. One handy one to look out for is the abillity to switch ranges on one or more oscillators allowing them to be used more effectively as LFO's.

You can patch pretty much anything to anything so all sorts of unique sounds are achievable. More suited to SFX tho you can get a keyboard to attatch to it.

Comments About the Sounds:
Difficult but worth it

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new Parallel Worlds using the EMS VCS3 mk1. the VCS3 mk1 have been used for many sounds in Parallel Worlds new album.

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