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  Synthi 100 At a Glance
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Simon Amery writes:
This monster synth was built in 1972. At the time it cost as much as a few family vehicles. Of the few that were made, most were snapped up by universities and 1 by the B.B.c. Consequently the Synthi 100 was used extensively in the hit T.V series " Doctor Who". The ring modulators produce the only authentic Dalek Voice available. I learnt to programme on the 100 and have never discovered anything that is as fun to use or programme since. This is because it has 12 oscillators ,4 L.P filters,4 H.P filters, 4 E.G's( Incidentally they are crap),4 ring mods, 8 V.C.A's etc, etc

Comments About the Sounds:
This synth is a trucksized pin matrix modular. It is like around 5 Synthi AKS's strung together. Consequently the programming possibilities are enormous with a huge number of modules being able to be connected in any convoluted manner possible thanks to the pin matrix patchbay. Consequently the sounds are gorgeous and often very strange.

(Thanks to Simon Amery for this info.)
and adam s for the pic

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