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xlarge writes:
Remember the c-64? Well.. it's back but.. with midi. A few modifications. These guys have used the MOS6581 chip (aka sid) from the famous c-64. Implemeted it in a box (240x70x200mm) with 4 realtime pots, an LCD as big as the Akai S-2000 uses, a numeric keypad 1-9 + *, #, 0 and abcd. The SID chip features digital creation with analogue filter. Triangle, Saw, Pulse, Mixed and noise (basic) waveforms. Ringmodulator and resonant filter low, band, highpass. TB-303-like portamento. arpeggiator.

Signing off /xlarge

Comments About the Sounds:
Blippy and squeeky but you can also create fat basses and ambient pads...

(Thanks to xlarge for this info.)

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