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  Electrocomp 101 At a Glance
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Kelly writes:
The Electrocomp was EMLs most popular project, and has since become their defining moment.

Designed to slot in between Moog's mini and ARP's 2600, the Electrocomp model 101 was given some of the best of both worlds. Fully normalised (internally pre-patched) with 43 external patch-points for redevising the flow of sound through the synth and four audio oscillators featuring continuously variable waveform selection; EML's 101 was also capable of folding in half to become its own carry case. It offers a 12dB multimode filter - also variable - between low-pass, through band-pass, to high-pass. 2 ADS envelopes with switchable release and a duophonic, removeable keyboard complete the package.

Comments About the Sounds:
Due to the Electrocomps full patching ability and 4 audio oscillators, a wide array of electronic sounds are possible. This synth has an ability to overdrive its output to great effect. Being duophonic added to the timbral palette. Oscillators 2&3 stronger through mid-hi's, OSCs 1&4 featured lo-frequency mode, and are strong in the low end. Continuously variable waveforms on OSCs 2-4 allow for phase tuning and wider range of tone colour than other synths. Filter not particularly musical, resonance decreases the volume as it rises. Vaguely self-resonant, again, not particularly musical.

(Thanks to Kelly for this info.)

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