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  Sintesator Polivoks At a Glance
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Kai Niggemann writes:
It was made in the USSR in 1990. It is very beautiful and only ways a few kilos (featherweight compared to its size). Of course everything is labelled in cyrillic, which does not add to the "ease of use"... If you can read that and know about synthesizers it becomes very intuitive however. The Polivoks has a switchable filter (lo-pass/hi-pass) and loopable ADSR ENVs for filter and amplifier. The filter is self oscillating and very evil-sounding. I wonder if this synth has ever been used by anybody in any type of a recording before...

Comments About the Sounds:
This thingee does not stay tuned whatsoever. It is so great for all kinds of sexy noises, buzzez, bleeps and stuff but not for straight notes.

(Thanks to Kai Niggemann for this info.)

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