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  Gnat (Special) At a Glance
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Jesper Ödemark writes:
The gnat came in 3 versions;

Standard - plastic casing, tiny speaker, touch sensitive keyboard, black and yellow keys, white and yellow knobs. Special - wooden casing, no speaker, touch sensitive keyboard, black and gold keys (inverted), black and white knobs. De Luxe - wooden casing, tiny speaker, moving keyboard, black and white keys, black and white knobs.

Sure, this sucker has only one oscillator, but with it´s unique construction it sure has a sound of its own (together with the wasp). Peter Forrest mentions the different versions in his book "A-Z in analogue synthesisers" and the special is supposed to exist in only two copies. I've contacted Peter and he has verified that my copy is another one - so make it three! Anyway, all three versions are considered very rare. Even rarer than the wasp maybe since they weren´t as popular back in 1978 when they appeared... Collectors are fast getting their hands on these so if you find one - buy it!

Comments About the Sounds:
This little brother of the wasp is a mean bastard! The same wicked filter (though not switchable) and general weirdness...

(Thanks to Jesper Ödemark for this info.)

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