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Anonymous ( writes:
1 VCO with 1 LFO for pitch modulation, 1 Noise Generator, 1 VCF with 1 LFO for cutoff modulation, 1 VCA, 1 ADSR for VCF and VCA.

Good features: + LFO's are superior because their frequency ranges up to 5 kHz. + VCF has a keyboard tracking function and has an external audio input. + It has a simple build in MIDI to CV or CV to MIDI Interface (switchable) and the Cutoff frequency can be controlled via MIDI.

Bad things: - It can only be switched between the VCO, Noise Generator and the external audio input. - No auto tune function - Complicated handling of the midi functionality with a learn switch (e.g. if you want to change the midi channel)

The last thing is not that important because you usually adjust this only one time.

It's not produced anymore.

More information is available at the following URL:

Comments About the Sounds:
Because of the concept the sound range is very limited.But it can produce strange sounds with it's 5 kHz LFO's and the keyboard tracking function of the VCF.

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