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  DS1 At a Glance
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ALEXICON writes:
Overall, this is an excellent analog beast. The serial number on mine is A 54, which means there are probably not many in existence. Maybe 100 or so. Its functionality consists of two ocilators, each with its own volume (mixer) setting, pitch knob, octave knob, and wave selector. Each ocillator can by switched on or off on the fly with a big ol' switch, and there are sliders for each which modify their strength. The VCF section consits of an ADSR knob which "mixes" the ADSR sliders, and cutoff, and rez. The VCA seciton also consists of the same envelope sliders and a knob, also a switch is present which toggles the VCA in or out. Interestingly, there is a noise generator with matching knob, and a selector for W or P (white or pink i'm guessing) noise; this mixed at low volumes provides for some peculiar sonic characteristics. The LFO has a delay switch that toggles the matching LFO Delay Knob on/off.. Pitch bend, a glide switch with matching speed range slide! r and speed range toggle switch, is also present. This is one koo keyboard; 50 lbs. of archaic circuitry and besides its built into its own case and has hardwood side panneling...Yah!

Comments About the Sounds:
This is Crumar's first entry into the realm of analog sythesis, and well, it shows, but in a defintely cool, crumarian way. The filter is all Crumar, distinctively different from other synths, it screams like a mofo. Excellent for crazy sci-fi blips and bleeps, a definite r2-d2 relative.

(Thanks to ALEXICON for this info.)
and Jon Kuder for the pic

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