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  Nord Modular At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1998  Specifications
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Peter Anders writes:
This is the future of sound exploration!! (sounds corny but this thing has put the whammy on me, can't stop drawing up patches, someone send help ASAP!!! :-)

Comments About the Sounds:
This system rocks... Totally open ended, great realtime control, total sound exploration!! Build the synth of your dreams on the patch editing software and download it to flash rom and you are good to go, replicate any synth, a 100 of them for that matter.Audio in's give make this keyboard really useful I love it, try it if don't believe me. Sell what you have to, get this.

(Thanks to Peter Anders for this info.)
and Bratislav Metulev for the pic

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Advanced Programming Techniques for The Clavia Nord Modular Synthesizer just that
Marko`s Synth Site - Retro Sound Sounds for the Nord Modular synthesizer
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The Nord Modular Album! Andy Vask'El album 'Superhuman DJ' relies heavily on the Nord Modular.
gresade uses a Nord Modular Rack in some of his productions
Free sounds for the Nord Modular and more Programmed by Patrick Fridh
RetroSound Links and Sounds by Marko Ettlich
Zone Clavia The French discution forum for the Clavia instruments

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