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AdamT ( ) writes:
he Pro-DGX, was an update of the old Pro-Solist which was a 30-preset monosynth with aftertouch and minimal control..

The presets are similar on the DGX but it has the newer filter from the Odyssey-3 unlike the nicer Axxe-1 transistor ladder on the Soloist (yeah I know the P-S came first, but Axxes are more common over here for comparison (;-), Preset switching is now via touch buttons which are more reliable than the wobbly rockers of old but the downer is that you have to hold the "shift" button whilst selecting the lower alternative voices, a two handed affair. Like the Soloist there is a cutoff slider (labelled brilliance), Volume, portamento time and aftertouch amount. the Aftertouch can alter an amazing number of things, all at once if necessary to create the whackiest of noises (sadly, still selected by wobbly rockers), and is the key to the desirability of these machines. The DGX has the characteristic Late-ARP sound which is less warm and organic than the Pro-Soloist / Axxe1 but well usable non the less, the Brass presets on the Soloist had extra modulations going on (for realism?) these are missing from the DGX whi Overall the Pro-DGX is STILL a usable instrument with its great ARP brass and some useful weirdos for sampling. Presented in the newer steel construction (it`s heavier than a Prophet 600!) and better switching (for the presets at least) it`ll last for ages and it`s only a shame that ARP didn`t include the extensive interfacing like the rest of the "orange" ARP range,,, One note. ARP call this a "Digital Synthesizer".. OK the keyboard is digitally scanned (as was on its forebear) and it has digital switching but luckily the signal path is totally Analog. If you just want ARP Sample fodder or after really odd sound effects on the cheap you`re better off with an Axxe, but if you actually PLAY and can`t be arsed pushing 20-odd sliders around everytime you want a different sound and like expressive aftertouch, This or the Pro-Soloist should do just fine.

Comments About the Sounds:
Redolent of their Era.. the 70s

(Thanks to AdamT for this info.)

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