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  Odyssey 2800 (WHT) At a Glance
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Nate ( writes:
Heres a special secret. :) If you have a MC-202 or TB-303 send the same pattern out of their CV-GATE outs to the (if you get them) CV- Gate inputs of the ARP. Set the Odyssey up for pure self-oscillated bass, tune, push start, and run. Your 202-303 never sounded this phat. You can still tweak the Rolands (recomended) without affecting the ARP. Remember, only the white Odyssey has these subterranean powers. The black ones just don't cut it. ;( Search AH for mod info.

Comments About the Sounds:
Hard to tune. Sounds much different than later Odyssey's. Very mean sounding. The bass will easily kill your speakers. 12db filter. Never sounds to same twice. If you like a sound sample it, cuz if you touch one thing...

(Thanks to Nate for this info.)
and for the pic

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