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AdamT ( ) writes:
This was actually a guitar synth with poor tracking and was a major contributor to ARPs demise, BUT now best seen as a Mk3 Odyssey module with all the same facilities and sound. the guitar gate/tracker/env follower system is dead on mine which is no great loss as it was crap from new BUT the guitar input and hence 6-way Fuzz-box works fine and excellent for aciding up either the Ody bit itself or 303s etc,I`ve made a breakout lead for this purpose and there are two guitar outs incase you don`t want that sound mixed with the synth engine. If mounted in a vertical tolex covered case it`d be very like a baby 2600 (a 2221 (;-), Tom Carpenter (UK) or Phil Cirocco (US) can even modularise it with patch points to hammer home the "baby 2600" ideal and add even more funcionality..

in ways more practical than a real Odyssey as it has more outs, a good quality but vintage fuzz box and doesn`t look out of place mounted on a wall, responds like all ARPs to the same CV/Gate standard as Roland / SCI, Oberheim etc.

Comments About the Sounds:
Typical Smooth ARP sound, this IS an Odyssey remember

(Thanks to AdamT for this info.)

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