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Aries was a modular synthesizer manufacturer located in Salem Mass., who built high quality keyboard controlled systems for between $1000 - $3000 U.S. Aries synthesizers featured mini-plug patch connections making them more compact than other mid-70's manufacturers which used 1/4" plugs. Aries synthesizers looked and sounded very much like moog equipment, to the extent that moog abandoned their user-assembled modular kits. The filters are so strikingly moog like, it is surprising that there was no legal action taken for patent infringement. The Aries Series I was the entry level unit in the line, suggested for educational use, with one voltage controlled oscillator, voltage controlled amplifier, envelope generator, voltage controlled filter and stereo output (no reverb chamber). The modules sat behind the keyboard in a varnished plywood case, giving it a very mini-moog like appearance. The series I keyboard has the benefit of a full five octaves, but like most modular synths, no modulation or pitch wheels, only trigger, gate and cv outputs.

Comments About the Sounds:
Warm analog

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