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  System III At a Glance
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Anonymous ( writes:
Aries was a great company in New England that made modular synthesizers; available as either kits or factory assembled. They are ugly as sin but sound amazing. They use mini-jacks rather than 1/4" plugs but otherwise use a fairly standard moog style arrangement. They are the modular equivalent of a 1959 MG. (If you buy one look for extra parts!) The vcos are very rich and the patching is exceptionally flexible. The filters sound like real moog product; very rich and warm. Because of the smaller patch bay they are much smaller than a moog but slightly larger (and much more flexible) than a Arp 2600. They also have the moog like quality of blowing the poop out of woofers without some caution. They also use readily available transistors and other components so they dont cost an arm and leg to fix!!! The circuit boards aren't sealed in epoxy!!! Did I mention how ugly they are? (Think Kraftwerk circa 1975)... UGLY!!! These are very cool synths made by a small American company with ATTITUDE> (the owners manual practically states: "You bought this sucker so you aren't a wuss, and we aren't going to patronize you with shit like patch diagrams...)

Comments About the Sounds:
good sounds !!!!!!nice analog

and Einar Edvardsen for the pic

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