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atom smasher writes:
If this peice could be tweaked by more than one parameter at a time, everyone would want one, and it would cost at least twice as much. This is a rack-mount AX-73, not a 60, not an 80, not a 600, but a 73.

Charlie Malone : I don't know anyone else who owns one, it must not have been a big seller for Akai. Sounds a lot like a Juno 106 with a hint of FM.

Randel Osborne -I actually own an Akai VX-90, and it is a faithfull companion to my AX-80. The VX-90 is an analog synth; its oscillators drift, and must be tuned frequently. This is made easy with the front mounted "auto tune" button. I think that it makes a fine addition to my studio, and I often use it as a "thickener", layering its sound with another synth. It has a built-in chorus that is excessively noisy.

Sonic: There used to be one in the studio I worked in. There's a funny kind of connector on the back that allows you to hook it up to an S900 sampler. This let you feed the voices from the S900 through the filters and envelopes of the VX-90. I never used this but it might well be fun! There's probably a boffin out there who could mod the VX input to recieve other in put signals. - Not to be confused with the 'mix in' which as I recall is just an aux input that allows you to mix another source that goes straight to the o/p (like the Akai S900 monitor). You almost never see these s/h. Was'nt there a keyboard version as well, a sort of combination of the MX73 master keyboard and the VX-90 - Yes , the AX73

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(Thanks to atom smasher for this info.)
and Thomas R Kolb for the pic

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