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  Virus C At a Glance
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Reginald Halstead ( writes:
This is an awesome machine. I just got it today and Ive been playing it all day (though I should have been studying I do have a test soon). User Interface is pretty good I didn't even have to look at the manual yet. Its great for all sounds though percussion and acoustic are ok not too exciting. Over all a great synth, it goes well with my other gear and it a go great with yours (unless you already have a Virus B, then that would just be dumb to have both). Another great synth from Germany, keep them coming.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sounds are awesome, really good at darker type sounds, though you can make some decent highs as well. With the tremendous amount of waveforms your set for anything.

(Thanks to Reginald Halstead for this info.)

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