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Andrew Maenche writes:
There are so many amazing qualities on this model. Like I mentioned before the synth is built like a tank and is very rugged. The new Indigo color is fun to look at in a dark studio. It will be hard to get one since they are so rare in the USA. I got mine from Germany for $1400 with free shipping and it is all worth it. This is honestly one of the best synths I have ever layed my hands on. The way in which this machine creates sounds is just so wonderful and clear. There is a reason these are so rare and hard to come by and it is because of the great sounds that are inside of this. I recommend picking one of these up as soon as possible. If you are looking to create a soundscape for the mind then look no farther. Peace.

Comments About the Sounds:
This thing is a tank and should not be over looked. The new size and look make this virus the best in the line so far. Plus the ability to just change and transform every part of the sound is amazing. Granted it takes time but once you find the sound and pattern you are amazed at how rich the sound is.

(Thanks to Andrew Maenche for this info.)

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