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 Digital Music Corp. MX-8 MIDI patchbay At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 1988  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 6.2/10arrow User reviews: (6)
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Don writes:
The MX-8 is a real workhorse MIDI patchbay and covers a lot of ground. It has a number of useful functions that allow you to run a rack from a controller keyboard without needing a ton of controller functions from the keyboard itself. It's a 1U rackspace swiss army knife for remotely controlling up to 8 units. Being able to make changes to patches, splits, transpositions, velocity cross-switches, digital (MIDI) delay, MIDI filters, and compression, makes this a must have for making quick changes in a live context or having favorite, complex settings preset for speed in the studio. It is deep yet easy to use, straightforward, and the most useful MIDI patchbay I have run across. Don't leave home without it.

Good Points
MIDI merge capabilites for all 6 inputs, digital (MIDI) delay settings can be individually saved for each of the 50 presets, sys ex loading and dumping, easy to use, screen easy to read, no programming transpositions and/or splits in each individual keyboard/module.
Bad Points
Only transmits patch changes up to #128. For a large show, 50 presets can get eaten up quickly (thank goodness for sys ex capabilities). External power supply. Some earlier models do have internal power, but mine has a wall wart. The only other negative I can think of is that Digital Music stopped making these, so if mine ever goes down for good, I'll be scouring the classifieds.

 Digital Music Corp. MX-8 MIDI patchbay Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
6 ins - 8 outs
Other IOs:
Maximum Resolution:N/A
Software supported:
latest, and last - vs. 1.34

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