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"Impossible to find" manual - try this
aw16 Mac Driver Multimixer6-Channel Stereo line
Control Freak Maillist for Kenton Control Freak Users
DINsync - MIDI converters Huge range of DINsync converter
Download your favourite midi songs here. This sites features english, chinese, cantonese, wrestling, world pops midi & theme songs. Other midi songs from television, movies & other media included. More midi will be added. Stay tuned for more midi updates!
Edirol Corporate site
Electronic Musician review
Emagic Unitor8 @ deep!sonic (mk1) Find some rare picts behind the panel
Guide to Switchers, MIDI pedalboards, and Routers A pretty good look at some of the MIDI devices that do more than just routing.
Karaoke Recorder software+voice fx Karaoke Recorder software+voice fx
Midi interface buyer's guide
MIDI sync to Roland TRx0x converters ,plenty of models. Vary good solid sync with hardware and software sequencers.No agree with comments above.Probably folk has a faulty MIDI equipment most likely.Recommended.
Performer's Choice Karaoke Affordable Karaoke Hits By All Your Favorite Artists
SonicState Review Oxygen 8
Sound Choice Karaoke Accompaniment Tracks The largest karaoke provider of Karaoke CD+G music.
Techno producer Prinz Ali Uses the Oxygen8
The unofficial Pc1600 - Pc1600x User Page this site serves as a repository for patches, tips and techniques for these excellent machines...
UA-100 Win 2000 drivers