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arrowReleased: jan 99?  arrowVersion: 1.60
arrowRated: 3.3/10arrow User reviews: (3)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrowHardware: PCI
Nick writes:
Just got hold of one of these to check out for a client of mine.

Mac 9600/233/100 ram /LAMP4.0/O3D System 7.6.1 Motu driver 1.5

Pretty easy to install. Routing is pretty generous in LAM, though I was a little disapointed not to have 2x independent spdif outs or ins for that matter.

Using the control panel supplied to configure the routing which, once done reflects in the input and outputs available for each track object. You can configure each bank (a,b or c) to use adat,tdif or the 8 analog inputs Note: it is only posssible to use spdif I/O fon bank C.

You must quit Logic to run the MOTU routing doodah.

I didn't find the ASIO latency to be a problem though the CPU overhead was pretty high compared to running the 1212 card (native) in the same machine. In fact this was quite a bit more hungry. I got slow screen redraws, jumpy updating and frequent asio overload errors when moving plugin parameters for instance. I was running mono tape delay, 1x fat eq(m)+ 1 (st), 1x Compressor(m) + 1(st).

I know my machine isn't the most powerfull but still. I didn't feel overly confident. I had 16 tracks enabled with about 10 playing (all continuous files)

I expect this will be much improved on a g3 system though I would recommend a 400 to be safe. (I wonder if it wil be OK with a 400 g3 card in this 9600?)

I must say, the routing potential of this system is pretty outstanding, if you had a Sonorus 24bit 8ch AD it would give you a 24 bit analog way in too:

8x adat i/o ADAT A 8x balanced 24bit analog I/p via ADAT B 1x spdif i/o - perhaps the weakest area.

Still, the poor ASIO performance does worry me - if this could 'go native' then I would imagine it could be pretty good. I guess if you're not going to use the CPU's effects much then this won't be a problem

Good Points
In short connectivity, using the ADAT or TDIFS you may connect a variety of mixers/a to d's or d to a's.
Bad Points
I can only speak for Logic on the MAC but the ASIO drivers are not terribly well implemented. This can result in CPU hogging and or latency Would've been nice to have more spdif connections

 MOTU 2408 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
3xADAT, 3xTDIF, 1xspdif with parallelled 2nd output, Word Clock
Analog IOs:
8 rca 20bit ins and outs
Other IOs:
Max tracks: 24 individual i/os depending on configuration
Maximum Resolution:48k 24bits
Software supported:
Motus own, Logic, VST, Peak, numerous other (via ASIO)
You can ad aditional interfaces to give up to 72 i/o

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