Sonic State Studio / Audio Cards/Hardware / Links
A demonstration of the Noah @ Musikmesse 2002
Aardvark website Collection of reviews from various magazines
AC/ DC Servo Motor Repair Service Specializes in the repair of AC servomotors, DC brushless and servo motors, spindle and stepper motors, encoders, and resolvers from many manufacturers.
ACE MIDI developers order, support and info Loops for ACID
Alesis LX-20 Manual
AT857 AMa really detailed info
audio samples/songs recorded on the MRS-1044 Indie rocker Howie Slates brings you this fine home cooked album, Birds Never Fly.
Audio Visual Max/Msp Tools
audioMIDI review by by Ian Bruce-Douglas make more music Review by Mikail Graham “Make More Music”
Audiophile 2496 Linux drivers
Audiotrak Home Page
Awesome Band Look out!
BitStream Station I Informational resource for the BitStream Pro
BR-8 Resources information and downloads for the Boss BR-8 digital recording studio
BR8 Patch Bank Collection of custom made patches
Car Shipping Save Time, Money and Hassles Getting Auto Transport, Boat & Motorcycle Shipping Quotes.
CBX-D3/5 Driver for MacOS Soundmanager
CellSynth THE Software Synthesiser Mirror Site
Conscious Sound Productions We then put our skill and the latest technology to work to transform desire into digital.
Console Server Console Servers - Console Server Management Solutions at
Cool Edit homepage Audio Editor
Creamware This is the accurate link
Creamware Plug-in developer and user group The one-stop place for everything Creamware
Creamware Pulsar info
creamware-dsp list @onelist
Creative Labs Soundblaster Site
Danilo e Domenico Citriniti OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Hydra represents for us all of the ideas and experience which have matured over the years and had brought life to every single song...
De-Vice' 3RD Party Plug-ins Berlin/Germany Excellent Creamware Plug-in developer based in Berlin Germany
Digital camera batteries Offer batteries and chargers for digital camera,camcorder and power tools.
Digital Domain Great resource on all digital matters. Dithering,m
DO NOT DEAL WITH PROAUDIOLAB.COM !!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy has spammed the entire board with his crap sample cd's that Vanilla Ice wouldn't even use! Offer batteries and chargers for digital camera,camcorder and power tools.
Echo Audio Cards The other link don't work
EF-303 and all the groove wonders
Ego-Sys WaMi Rack 24 Review by Intermusic
Ego-Sys WaMi Rack 24 Review by Sound-On-Sound
Electronic Music for Production Music Loops, Production, Commercial.
Electronic Musician review
Emulsion Down Studios All songs recorded on the VS-1680
Everything Csound!
Eye Candy Trance and Techno MP3 Music Downloads I use the Lexicon Vortex on almost all my tracks. Check out my MP3's to get an idea.
Firestation Info Page Information on setting up the Firestation for Macintosh
Forgetful Elephant - Digitally Discerning Music Mucho Music crated with CellSynth
Forums, Tips, Refills, etc...
French ACE MIDI page Paul Caillet's ACE MIDI site for french users and support.
full review of SONAR XL worth a read if sonar interests you.
Funkelectric Site for Pulsar/Scope news, forums etc...
gina24 echo custom built computers tutorials reviews Offering the full line of echo digital audio products.
GOOD Site! And not from Creative (what a luck!!!) A must for SB Live! users
Hear the filter Queen in action Guitar Sweep: A slow speed filter sweep with that warm analog sound
Home of Kyma & Capybara systems Jazz Organ Midifiles
Ignore other links - they don't relate to Noisetrekker - NOISETREKKER successor review
ISIS Zone The english version of Zona ISIS...
Jasmine Music Technology Advanced music technologies in our software can help you make more perfect music faster. We help you spend your time making music, not editing bits! Join us!
korgboards Message boards for Korg Digital recorder user
Listen to a demo
Live Studio Drums Forget stiff MIDI drum tracks and trying to be a drummer! Bring your projects and demos to the professional level with real acoustic drum tracks!
lots of Roland stuff here even has original Roland soundlibrary for download
M-Audio Quattro forum A privately run forum for help on Quattro-issues
M-Audio Quattro forum NEW URL
mackie designs inc company official site
Making Waves Home Page
many audio software, trackers, mastering software, edit audio, plug-ins..all interrested links on one page :-)) freeware, shareware, couple of demos/trial - not too much
MegaPiano Ultimate Steinway Piano featuring NO LOOPS!
Metasynth home page
Midiman Flying Cow 24 bit info page
Midiman Flying Cow 24 bit Picture
Midiman home page Includes info on Portman & drivers
Mix magazine review
mixed with yamaha listen two songs mixed with yamaha ns10m
mke 4032 p 3 condenser microphone
Modern Hip Hop Sounds 4 Software Samplers Modern HipHop Sounds For Software Samplers
Motu 828 pages@ MOTU
Music using ACE MIDI (soundpatches for download, too)
MusicLab, Inc
New Breed Of CD Mastering "Major Label Sound" that preserves your music's natural dynamic range.
NOAHS APATHY Naples, Fl killer rock band from south florida
Non-official page: news, tutorials, info, soundbanks, software, mail list, etc. In Spanish. Zona ISIS - The non-official webpage of Maxi Studi
Nordost Cables, Goertz Cables
NTONYX - Intelligent Music Software Intelligent technologies come at last to music software to help you make music faster and more perfect than ever! Come join us in making music, and escape from bit-editing hell!
OASYS free synths User developed power synths for OASYS
Oasys PCI Home The latest Oasys new, updates and sounds
Official Home Page
Orion a great resource of all things Orion
PC1600x Editor for Windows (free) review
Planetz Pulsar/Scope Software Site for Pulsar/Scope devices, tips, bugs, wishlis
Professional Drum Tracks Online Drum Recording Studio review By Rip Rowan
psr640yamaha synthetizer
Pulsar/Scope Mailing List Current Mailing List for the Creamware Pulsar & Sc
Rainbow, Rhino, EP-station, Tricky Clav Big Ticks new homepage
Reason Documantation (1.0) Zipped
Reason Review @ A review of this powerful software.
reason-zone chat for propellerheads reason users
reason-zone forum user group for propellerheads reason
Reasonfreaks Forums, Refills, Tutorials and more
Rebirth Tb303 Basslines Collection 640 Dance Basslines for Rebirth RB338
Rebirth Tb303 Sequences 640 Dance Sequences for Rebirth RB338
Rebirth Tr909 Dance Collection 512 Tr909 Drum Patterns for Rebirth RB338
RENOISE is NOISETREKKER successor! New version of Noisetrekker on
Review of Logic Control by TweakHeadz Lab
Review of the Delta 1010 Rich the Tweak reviews the Delta 1010
Roland Vintage Effects This site contains information about early Roland effects including Space Echoes, Roland Rack and early Roland Pedals.
Smart Console Ergonomic Audio Control Surfaces
Smart Loops Great sounding drum loops, percussion loops, bass loops and guitar loops.
software v3.0 preview of new O S
Solo EX
Sorry! This is the one!! This One!!!
Sound On Sound UK review
Sound Warfare Network Krazyness...
Soundblaster Audigy @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
SS Audio Forum
Stereophile review of the Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe
StudioFiles downloads page corg
Tape Head Simulator Site
Tascam 428 manual (PDF)
Tascam US-122 Manufacturer Page
Techno-iD Free resources for eLeTRoniC MuSiC All these songs have been recorded using the DA-P1 Tascam.
Terratec's website
The above link is wrong Current Drivers for the Santa Cruz
The BR8 Manifesto Very good BR8 information site
The Maxi Studio Official page from Guillemot dedicated to ISIS and
The MIT Press Csound Portal
The SynC Modular mailing list Users sharing ideas on the SynC Modular
The SynC Modular users mailing list Users sharing ideas and experience on the SynC Mod
The Well Connected Microphone David Wickstrom's Paper on why things sound the way they do.
Tims Atari Midi World further infos, other Atari MIDI applications
TjTarget - Retail Paper Target Store Specialize in Paper targets, shooting targets, silhouette targets, pistol targets, thug targets, rifle targets, animal targets, air rifle targets, repair centers, sighting targets, competition targets and target pasters.
TM D100 Online Manual link interactive online manual
to listen 2 songs mixed by ns10m
to listen two songs mixed with ns10m applications
Trash80 game boy artist 2 using little sound dj
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Drivers Current Drivers for the Santa Cruz
U&I Software Metasynth
unofficial user's site useful stuff from actual users
Urban Jazz Grooves - Mpact Urban Jazz elements in rising soundscapes drastically surge into dimensional patterns.
Us Distributor Very Helpful and was a pleasure to buy from
Users forum
Vermona Ring Modulator Analogue & Valve music equipmet specialist
VIRTUAL TRACK a great info site for the mrs-4
VoxBeatz Music Producer Production Forums
VS Planet Has a BR8 discussion forum (under Users BBS)
West Hort - Thermal Transfer Printer, Ribbons, Software Offers tree tags, thermal transfer printer, thermal transfer ribbons, thermal transfer labels, adhesive labels, printed ribbon, metal sign holders
Which SOUNDCARD is BEST? An overview by Rich the Tweak
XG-Page with tons of XG related stuff XG-Midifiles,XG Editors, XG-Tutorials
Yamaha AW4416 Yamaha AW4416 O2R At Work in Studio
Yamaha Links This page has links to a few different Yamaha-related sites.
YAMAHA NS-10M Fanpage YAMAHA NS-10M Fanpage with lots of information around the popular studio monitors!
Yamaha RM800 Page Site dedicated to the Yamaha RM800 8-buss analog console
Yamahaav Articles and Resources about Yamaha
Ysm-1 studio monitors