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Mert Topel writes:
The MEP-4 is a Midi Event Processor, accepting incoming midi data and modifying it to the midi outputs. Four micro processors are included, allowing very flexible midi operation. Examples of use would be: split a single keyboard in four ways, independently transposed, midi echo, on a different note and sound, connect a drum machine to the MEP4 and play the kick drum with your sustain pedal, accent only strongly played notes with another tone generator, set aftertouch to send pitch bend messages, etc. Other features include

up to 60 patches can be programmed - even a 9 character name can be assigned , data presetter functions for patch change of connected instruments at once , channel filtering , message filter, data modifier (as in examples above + much more) delay processor (echo from 0 - 3000 ms, more), output assigner , 1 midi in/4 outs + 1 thru , 16 character backlit LCD.

Good Points
This is a unique versatile produck. Every serious MIDI musician sould consider buying at least one. Possibilities are limitless. I use two of them with my TX816 and manipulate the 8 seperate TF1 modules any way i like.
Bad Points
You are limited only by your imagination so you always think you might have missed some awesome trick you could do with this unit :)

 YAMAHA MEP-4 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
1 IN, 4 OUT , 1THRU
Other IOs:

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