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 Edirol UM-880 At a Glance  
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Puppetnation writes:
Finally a bundled solution for a 8x8 midi interface with patchbay functions on the tip of you fingers! No more annoying cables re-plugging, no more thru/merge boxes on the desk, now you can pilot all your synth and drum modules by pressing a key on the device.

Good Points
USB midi interface and patchbay all-in-one, suitable both for PCs and Macs, solid metal construction, internal transformer (no boring ac adapters on the ground). 2 usb ports (one in front, one on rear panel) and 2 midi i/o on the front panel can satisfy most of the on-the-fly setups without re-connecting some cables... especially when unit is already on a rackmount wall with USB port hidden... cool! It costs about the same as concurrents but it's the only offering so many features... unreplaceable for musicians using sound modules or no-kb devices...
Bad Points
None found 'til now.

 Edirol UM-880 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Midi IOs:
8 + 8
Other IOs:
2 USB Ports
Software supported:
Windows 98 and later, Mac OSx

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