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 yamaha md4s At a Glance  
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jim graves writes:
four track recorder based on minidisc format. you can check out all the specs at yamaha's website. I have been using this recorder for several months and i am very pleased. excellent recording quality. can handle a strong singal before it starts to distort. tougher in this sense than a lot of digital recorders. controls are functional and make sense. mindisc allows for great versatility. cool editing features. For the price it is a great tool. one day I hope to upgrade to a more sophisticated setup but i can see incorporating this into a live setup. I make electronic music. don't bother with analog four trackers. Get this instead. I recommend a joemeek vc3 preamp for vocals with this recorder. i get great results. md4s is a reliable, well built, well engineered digital recorder. sounds excellent. you can sync it via mtc to your sequencer then record your tracks separately. very good if your sound module has only two stereo outs or if you want to add new parts that match the original song.

Good Points
excellent sound quality logical and useful interface cool editing features midi syncable, mtc as well
Bad Points
only four tracks. oh well. no digital outs. data discs are sixteen bucks a pop.

 yamaha md4s Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Max tracks: 4

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