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Akai DPS 12 FAQ Page Tons of Akai DPS 12 Info!
All about Digital Multi-Track RECORDERS An overview of what's out there
blah blah blha great stuff
Electronic Musician review
fostex vf08 bedienungsanleitung
Howie Slates - Songs recorded on the MRS-1044 Check out the toons using the Zoom MRS-1044
I use the rack version on the road better than tape
Independent Users of all VS products.
KORG D16 User Group All problems are addressed in here.
Latest OS update
listen to these beatz then u decide. free samples and soundfonts
My show off page Info and opinions on synths and other stuff I own or owned
official yamaha site
Reviews of Alesis User Reviews
the only zoom mrs-4 forum a users guide by users
virtual_track website information and forum
vs 880
VS880 (EX)downloads, specifications,updates and more professional recording services
Yamaha AW4416 Review @ a review of this awesome recorder.
Zoom homepage All products from zoom
Zoom MRS forum Discuss the lates Zoom MRS gear
Zoom MRS-1608 philosophy and repair reference Some thoughts. The recovery issues of HD are discussed.