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Average rating: 8.3/10 out of 10

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micah a part-timer user from usa writes:
Reason is the way to go! As mentioned by other users I was afraid to invest thousands of dollars on hardware gear untill I bought this handy little bit. Within 2 weeks I was writing dope tracks, then I built up the knowledge and confidence to go out and buy Cubase vst 5.03 and a synth. If your into techno and house music Reason is a great start to a studio!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 15-Mar-01 at 20:8
TRLH a part-timer user from USA writes:
Reason is Awesome!! All the Naysayers can kiss my ass.. Yeah native Vst2 would be great. Just use Rewire for now, You can (If your computers beefy enough) rewire 64 channels of audio straight into Cubase tracks and add all the effects you please..

Heres my review so far (I've only had it 2 weeks):

The Subtractor is ok, It's not good for any "Real" sounding analog emulations, But its great for evolving cold/warm pads, weird effects, mushy bass, Industrialish leads.. Has 2 osc with standard Saw/Square/Triangle/Sine waveforms +additional 20+waveforms+ 3 types of Phase modulation, 1 noise osc with decay/color/level knobs. 2 filters that can be run in parallel, Filter 1 has 5 types (Lp24,Lp12,Bp,Hp,and notch) and filter 2 is standard Lp24. It has 3 ADSR env's (Amp,Filter,and Mod) 2 assignable LFO's LFO1 has selectable wavforms(tri,tri-up/down,square,S&H hard/soft) LFO1,Mod env,and Filter env send virtualCV to other devices in Reason.

Redrum, well Its great at what it does.. sends gate out-->good for chopping up samples in the NN19.

DR.rex, Also good at what it does(Playing back recycled loops), Has 5 filter types,LFO and 2 ASDR envelopes(amp and filter)send virtualCV as well..

NN19 is a good sampler, you can loop-forward, or forward,back.. Set loop points in recycle or wavelab to use in this sampler.. Would be awsome if it loaded Emu/Akai samples..

I've said enough, there are tons of things I din't mention, Matrix,Re-mix,and the effects..

There is room for improvement. The good thing is that Reason is software and there is an endless possabilty for upgrading.. VST2 is top priority!! Then some additional modules (Wavetable synth,A nice Moog type synth,and a Granular synthesis module), Sampler upgrades, and a CV PATCHBAY!!!

I've done a few Industrialish tunes using REASON only, just to show the capabilities of it, heres the link..

P.S. The 500 meg of samples that come are great!!(I'm using a Delta44, monitering in 24bit)

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 14-Mar-01 at 17:53
olaf writes:
the original developer of the nordlead 1 and 2 is now one of the developers for Reason...should say something about the quality of the algorithms in subtractor ;)


posted Wednesday, 14-Mar-01 at 3:38
jdog from usa writes:
echo the guy who said that reason will start kicking ass if and only if it allows AKAI (E-mu too?) samples. a beefier analog synth wouldn't hurt either. otherwise it's pretty cool, definitely a nice progression from Rebirth.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 13-Mar-01 at 19:11
DJ 2BOB a Professional user from u.k writes:
Be scared,be very horrod up! This is the music soft to own. orion,arturia storm,fruity 3, these aint bad- but are now all 2bob since reason was or cry.goodbye.

posted Tuesday, 13-Mar-01 at 13:33
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