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law from america writes:
this is the all-inclusive production tool ideal for anyone making pop/commercial/urban music. if you fit into any of these categories, reason is for you. the ability to use synthesizers and sequence them directly in the program, TWO samplers for sampling versatility, drum module is perfect for loop-based production, and the effects are solid. not only can this function as a scratchpad for ideas, but you could see an idea's conception all the way to completion in this one piece of software.

i'm a hiphop producer, and have heard all the talk about which piece of gear is necessary and which gear is obsolete. PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE IT! if you know what you're doing and have a good, relatively new computer, reason may be a perfect match for you. if you have a low budget, this will get the trick done. if you want to buy something with a short learning curve and deep features, this may be for you. just remember, it's not what makes the music that counts, but how it sounds!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 09-Sep-03 at 20:26
astronomer from uess writes:
currently running version 2.5...sounds great...the new delay is very 'open' and 'smooth'...also, somehow, the general sound of reason seems to be enhanced as well...

posted Tuesday, 10-Jun-03 at 13:13
SpeckO a Professional user from OZtralia writes:
The main advantages of Reason for me are: Ease of workflow and use. If you know studio routing methods, then this 'instrument' is great, as everything is routable using a very studio-like interface. Virtual patch leads make a lot of sense to me, but if you don't know how a studio works/is patched, then this may not be your cup of tea unless you are willing to learn.

What really turned me totally onto Reason is the new version 2.5, which offers some awesome new features that I'd wished for. Even though i haven't had the pleasure of upgrading yet , I can safely say i'm impressed with the demo's.

the new reverb sounds much better, more natural. The vocoder sounds very intelligable with 512 bands (that's a lot of bands!). The new routers and splitters allow for even more routing of devices than before and i'm definately sold.

There are many re-fills on the net, both free and commercial, but the amount of sounds that come with it are of substantial quality & number, but the fact that you can throw most any sound into the drum machine, & the two samplers means that it can be tailored to your hearts content.

Malstrom is a unique and original synth, producing some very interesting pads, fx and textures, as well as leads and other parts. It is highly tweakable and alterable and i'm using it in most songs/tracks.

NNxt is a more useable sampler to me than nn19. It has more variety in it's synthesis, and mapping features, and the supplied soundsets , though orchestral isn't usually my cuppa coffee, are of good quality, and sit well in a mix. It's outputs are more in number, thus allowing better mixing options. NN19 still comes i handy though for less demanding parts, tis a good sampler too.

The sequencer is good for what it is, but i would like the resolution to be higher, for more natural parts to be produced. As it is, it seems to only feature 64th note resolution, which is pretty machine like. Still, it is great for electronic styles of all sorts, and with Re-Wire to a system like Cubase or Logic or Sonar, this isn't an issue.

Re-wire to another sequencer really does seem to solve many of these minor issues, and allows for advanced mixing of Reason parts using the superior mixing, dynamics and effects of the 'big boys', as well as use alongside other softsynths and audio tracks.

Reason 1 and 2 are very very processor efficient! I don't quite know how they do that, but If your running it on a lower machine, or using it rewired to another app like cubase, then you will know how important processor efficiency is! I can't comment on how intensive the new reverb in 2.5 is, but i imagine it will be fairly efficient as well.

As far as electronic parts: Drums, synths, samples, FX etc go, this program is perfect for me. Re-wired to Cubase SX, or whatever other HD/seq package, it may be as perfect as it gets.

these days i like to keep it simple and get ideas manifested b4 they become stale, and Reason 2 is allowing me to do this to great effect.

Rock on people.............

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 07-Jun-03 at 7:21
Gabriel Marsabatini from Germany writes:
How to make sample turn lfo on? I hate the midi map gate! More fatness from cakewalk!

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Friday, 30-May-03 at 12:39
Bob a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I purchased Reason 2.0.1 for windows. I had minor experiances with studio equipment prior to this investment. All i knew is that i wanted to get a program that would allow me to create my ideas with the very limited knowledge i had. In the few weeks time that I have owned reason i already have started to create and edit parts of songs, with much satisfaction. However there is still much to learn about each of the devices that comes with the program. The only real suggestions i have are to get a real comfortable work station that way you can work and play for hours without fatigue. Because hours upon hours is what you will want to spend exploring, tweaking, genrating, creating, and playing with this program. The other would be to get a quality midi controller. So far my biggest draw back has been a lack of tutorial support for each device as an introduction and starting point. There are manuals that can help with this but that another purchase. I might have more to add once i get fully acquinted with reason. So far so good, a definate reccomend for any novice looking to get into electronic music production.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 29-May-03 at 13:20
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