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Average rating: 8.3/10 out of 10

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david from germany writes:
reason 4 is a disaster!

the sequencer became complex and smaller completely killing the work flow!

thor is a step up from the weak/thin previous synths of reason, but still poor if you compare it to todays powerful vstis!

after 8 years on the market propellerheads continues not to support vst technology and audio recording for their application!

then whats the "reason" to use reason? subtractor? malstrom? or the effects in reason? just test some mainsteam vstis and vst effects to see that reason is years behind from what is going on today!

the bottom line is that reason 4 doesnt worth the update. just a new appearance with some enchantments and huge disappointments! same story, same sound, nothing interesting new!

for family fun and hobbyists is a nice application!

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Monday, 28-Apr-08 at 19:46
Antonio a Professional user writes:
All you guys out there talkin this and dat,about what Reason Can't do... get with it and understand the price tag behind this program. If you think you are going to spend $300 Only on 1 program and produce Dr Dre quality you flipping. Anyways Reason's sound is F**** great, and why u all so mad for. I suggest to the hata's complaining to go out and get yourself a new PC with an updated Audio Card! Reason, Ableton and Kikc ass keyboard gives me sounds that will have you all begging for more!

posted Monday, 19-Feb-07 at 18:22
Marc Lowtense a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
Reason is the greatest thing since bread came sliced! I have used Fasttracker 2 for almost 6 years. I've tried early versions (no VST or audio at that time, no sir!) of Logic and Cubase years back but these were sequencers only. Then, about five years back or so i got a demo of ReBirth388 which was fun to play with but i knew i just had to wait for the real thing in the form of Reason 1.0. The rest is history! I ditched all my synths, used to money for a top-spec audio card and pc and have a spare room left. At the moment i use Reason, Oxygen8 controller and my Tannoy Reveals. (Oh, and of course Soundforge plus Waves plug-ins). But..Does anybody have a clue how to change the tempo of a track WITHIN Reason. Untill now i had to create a tempo track in Cubase. Is there any other way to archieve this? This is a great program and using it with Cubase, Rebirth and Recycle, the sky is the limit. Praise Propellerhead!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 20-Jul-06 at 9:21
Bert Karsam a part-timer user from Norway writes:
Got one question for experienced Reason users.. I've made lots and lots of songs in Reason, and the sound is okay. I use Samson Resolv 65a monitors, but my soundcard isn't a very good one, Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6. Now, I want to get my music down on tape (meaning cd...), how do I do it? Exporting sound files from Reason directly to cd doesn't sound any good, I guess I have to have something in between there to make it sound better. So what exactly do you guys do when you are done with your masterpiece and want it to sound as good as it gets? Do you somehow run each channel from Reason separately into a mixer or a mixdown into cubase or what..?

posted Sunday, 08-Jan-06 at 10:56
T a part-timer user from usa writes:
It is widely known that the Reason Factory Sound Bank in general is not very good. There are some decent sounds with a little tweaking, but Reason is fantastic when used with quality custom sounds. imported or converted plus there are some really kick ass refills available if you want to spend the money. I'm using CDExtract 4 to convert my Akai library to NNXT patches which sound amazing. But mostly, I'm using my own custom samples that I've collected over the years, plus sampling from old records into PTools, exporting to Recycle for loops, and importing into Reason for manipulation. My home studio is cooler than it's ever been and I'm old school, I remember actually splicing analog tape. -- you didn't know? now you know. T

posted Thursday, 04-Aug-05 at 1:31
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