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AvS from Denmark writes:
Ooops Did i say accent? Hehe the Ts-404 doesnt have accent. my mistake

posted Thursday, 31-May-01 at 4:0
AvS a hobbyist user from Denmark writes:
The interface is very simple. No fancy buttons, sliders etc. It it very easy to use, and that makes it very fun to play around with. There are only sliders, no knobs :( It is a matter of taste ofcourse, but i am a "knob man".

It has a very nice "display" to monitor the envolve.

The 16 step seq. is made by: 16 Sliders to control the note and 16 boxes for accent plus 16 boxes for the slide effekt.

And now....THE SOUND!! Let me tell you. The sound is awesome. Very phat and thick. Nice distortion and ok delay. The only thing that bothers me is that you can easaly hear that the filters is very stepped. specially if you move the sliders fast. I hope a newer version is on the way. No-midi??? nope no midi. dammit.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 29-May-01 at 5:56
LRT writes:
OoOoPpSs!!! its --http://--

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Friday, 22-Oct-99 at 1:31
LRT a hobbyist user writes:
As far as analogue emulation goes, it'll have hardkore enthusiasts cringing. But hey being one myself I've got to admit, it sounds quite good. While it won't beat out high end software like NI Generator or Clavia NM, its still very useful. With analogue style fader sequencer and modulations like fm and sync, you'll find it hard not to have this thing come screaming into your mix. But even with the cool stuff I feel the synth is still to digital. Compare it to Generator and you'll see why. Don't even try comparing it to the real thing. But still, if you you need a change from ReBirth (YES), this is your ticket. And you can't beat the price :-))

P.S. They WERE working on V2.0 which sounded a lot better, but cancelled it in favour of something BIGGER. Hope for the best! http:\\

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Friday, 22-Oct-99 at 1:29
Pugachov Artemi a part-timer user from Russia writes:
I'm just telling you, guys! This thing rocks! It really sounds like an analogue(!!!!!) The sound is damn thick and, yes, PHAT!!!!! Building sequences with this thingie is just a piece of cake! I think I'll be using it on almost every song of my future album. It's just the best of my soft synths so far... The bad points are the NO-MIDI and you cannot save the wav. files (for now, I hope).

posted Wednesday, 20-Oct-99 at 4:15
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