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In-depth Feature:  EMU E4XT Ultra
Albert Potts writes: .

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Beat Munging, Filters and Resampling
One of the interesting features of this sampler is its ability to "munge" a groove, allowing the user to change the tempo of the groove without changing the pitch. The user can also add or subtract swing, as well as remove any 8th note or combination of 8th notes from the groove. Loading grooves from a CD-ROM, I found that the beat munging process took only a few seconds for a short 2 bar sample. Once the sampler has finished its computations, a screen comes up which displays the controls for tempo, swing, metronome, loop, and the two bar grid for removing beats from the groove. All controls are simply laid out and work in realtime, so you can hear the swing change as you twist the dial. Beat munging is very handy for anyone who wants to easily sync a groove to a tempo. This would be useful in film scoring situations where you have a perfect groove, but need to match the tempo of the score to make your hits line up.

The filter implementation is quite good, and filter types included are: 12, 24, or 36 dB/octave low-pass with resonance, 2nd & 4th order high-pass with resonance, 2nd & 4th order band-pass with resonance, swept eq filters, phasers and a flanger with resonance, and six morphing filters. The filters offer frequency and Q control, and the morph filters have additional options. The filter envelope can be patched to and modulation destination, as well as the usual filter cutoff parameter. I like the sound of Emu's filters, and obviously they can drastically change the tonal characteristic of the sample. Used alongside Emu's patchcord modulation system, sounds can be mangled quite effectively!

The Emu EOS samplers also offer a bit converter that transforms your samples to any bit resolution you wish, from zero to 15. If you want to mangle a 16 bit sound into a lo-fi 8 or 12 bit sample this is the place to do it. The E4xt also offers resampling.

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