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In-depth Feature:  EMU E4XT Ultra
Albert Potts writes: .

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This is where those front panel assignable keys come in handy. When you get to a page you will be using a lot, press and hold an assignable key then press the "Set/Shift" button and the assignable button will always take you directly to that specific page, no matter where it is within the OS.

Another feature I like is the "Info" software button that appears on pages pertaining to samples and sample banks. Pressing it gives you immediate information on sample size, bank size, type of bank, and more. This is great for finding out how large the bank is that you want to load. Pressing the "Master" button at any time will give you a screen with vital information like RAM usage.

The E4xt Ultra can be used as essentially a gigantic high quality ROMpler, by loading either the included Emu sample library or 3rd party libraries. However, I think the Emu EOS samplers go beyond that and blur the distinction between sampler and synth. There are numerous editing facilities, filters and modulation routing capabilites that take it into the realm of synthesis.

The process of loading samples and presets off disk couldn't be easier. Press the "Disk/Browse" button, select the appropriate disk from the next screen and then browse the disk at the folder, bank, preset or sample level. Once your selection is made a progress bar is displayed indicating loading status, or a message will tell you that you have run out of RAM (something you can easily do even with 128 megs!). The E4xt will load CD-ROM samples in the Emu, Akai, or Roland formats.

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