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In-depth Feature:  EMU E4XT Ultra
Albert Potts writes: .

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In use 1
The words that come to mind when using this sampler are "easy to use" and "sounds great". The OS is extremely transparent, and I have yet to make a serious dent in the manual, simply because I haven't needed to. Every once in a while I will get stuck on something and look it up, but that is rare. The manual is clearly written and offers niceties like a table of contents, index and an appendix several chapters long.

Back to the hardware: along the bottom of the E4xt LCD screen are up to six software buttons leading to different menus, and directly beneath these software buttons are the corresponding hardware function buttons. Pressing the hardware buttons takes the E4xt to the selected page, which in turn will have another set of up to six software buttons along the bottom of the that screen. If you can pull down a menu on your computer you can navigate this system. Few basic functions are more than three screens deep, and going deeper means that you're into some special detail editing. Press the "Sample Edit" button for example, and you will be taken to a screen with five selections: "Utils", "Tools 1", "Tools 2", "Tools 3", and "Tools 4". Under the various "Tools" menus are items including: loop, loop type, digital tuning, sample rate conversion, DC filter, swap L-R, convert to mono, gain control, compression, parametric eq (12 dB boost/48 dB cut, digital non-realtime), phase linear filter, Aphex aural exciter, transform multiply (merge two sounds together), doppler, time compression, pitch change, bit conversion, and beat munging. Further editing of any of those items leads deeper into their respective menus.

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