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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments Reaktor 3.0
BEATSYSTEM writes: .

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Integrating With Your Sequencer
All trials so far where undertaken in standalone mode and during this phase of the test no problems where encountered. I used Cubase 5 to try Reaktor as a Virtual Instrument using ASIO2 drivers. This was extremely successful, I was able to run several ensembles simultaneously and tweak parameters in real-time. Ensembles have only one panel when called up as VST instruments and so their structure is not editable. (One note for Mac users: The current version of Reaktor 3.0 is not able to take advantage of multi-processor enabled host programs such as Logic Audio. Native told us that to expect a fix ) Reaktor also has a DXI interface so that it can be used with Cakewalk’s Sonar program, effects can also be used with any program that supports Microsoft Direct plugins e.g. Sound Forge or Wavelab. I did encounter my first problem when opening a Reaktor multi-effect program in Wavelab - the dreaded "Out of Memory" error. I really do need to buy some more RAM whilst the price is so low! Other interfaces are also available DirectConnect for Pro Tools users and MAS for Digital Performer.

Final Reaktion
Reaktor is the Rolls Royce of soft synths. Solid, reliable and very impressive. Incorporating new synthesis techniques such as Physical Modelling and Scanned synthesis will enable it to stay at the forefront of the soft synth market. Its only competition comes from Opcode’s MAX/MSP which is more flexible but very much harder to use. Native Instruments are to be congratulated on this fine piece of software.

Native Instruments are dedicated to the contiued developement of Reaktor as one can see from their website. There's a huge library of ensembles, instruments and macros available to registered users as well as plenty of discussion. This is one peice of software that is likely to stay around for a while.

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