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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments Reaktor 3.0
BEATSYSTEM writes: .

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First Impressions contd
Reaktor's top layer is the "Ensemble, this is made up from "Instruments", which are themselves constructed from "Macros". Investigating an Ensembles structure is easily done by clicking on the appropriately named "Structure" button. There are many macros each made up of "Modules". The reverberation macro is made up from modules such as all-pass filters, delays and mixers. Quite clearly Native Instruments programmers have designed some classy modules, which in turn enable the user to build a vast array instruments of powerful synths and effects.

An example of the sort of processing that can be achieved using Reaktor is the ensemble " GrainState ". This implementation of granular synthesis is very sophisticated allowing the sort of control that I had previously only found in specialist programmes e.g.Audiomulch or CDP's Grainmaker. Granular synthesis works by slicing a sample into very small grains usually around 25msec each. These grains can then be replayed in a variety of ways. Playing each grain twice will make the sample longer but with the same pitch. Whilst playing them back in random order can produce interesting textures. I like GrainStates’ ability to save the various settings and then cycle through them using the sequencer.

Overall, the ensembles provided are of a very high standard and worth every penny of the selling price. These ensembles are the basis of Reaktor, however the ability to build unique synths and effects opens up the true power of Reaktor.

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