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In-depth Feature:  NI Guitar Combos
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Stability 90% Solid as a rock.
Bang for the buck 80% Not bad if you can't afford Guitar Rig.
Ease of Use 90% Couldn’t be easier, really.
Versatility 70% The three most popular amp sounds ever.
Sonic Sweetness 85% Does the job, Stand-alone or plug-in.
Overall:   83% Good piece of kit

Audio Units, VST, RTAS, HTDM, ASIO, Core Audio, DXi, DirectSound

Mac OS 10.2.6, G4 733 MHz, 512 MB RAM.
Win XP, Pentium 700 MHz, Athlon XP 1.33 GHz, 256 MB RAM. Low latency audio interface with integrated instrument inputs or external DI box

Mac OS 10.3.x or higher, G4 1.25 GHz, 768 MB RAM
Win XP, Pentium, Athlon 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM

Guitar Combos is a great idea in that, with the three amp types provided, you get most of the tones that have driven popular music for the last few decades so you have a massive palette of sounds for recording and practice for not much outlay. Guitar Rig offers more versatility in it's extended range of sounds and ways of combining them but if the full package isn't for you then this is the next best thing, and if you are on a really tight budget just buy the single amp that suits your needs best.

Price: EUROS179 $199 US UKP130 (UKP50 each individually)
Contact: Native Instruments

Ik Multimedia Amplitube
Amplitube plug-in for all formats that models the full signal chain from stompbox through amp and speaker to mix effects. Version 2 is due shortly. Amplitube Live is a stand-alone version with less features.

Universal Audio Nigel
The UAD-1 DSP card comes bundled with an emulation plug-in that covers a wide range of amp tones with the ability to morph between two particular types plus some authentically analog sounding FX.

TC Electronic
Latest versions of Powercore include Tubifex, a more generic amp modeller but there is also the TC Thirty, an extremely accurate emulation of a Vintage AC30 based on Brian May’s own amp.

NI Guitar Rig
Guitar Rig is the full blown package complete with hardware foot controller/interface. All three of these amps are included plus much more

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  • Mac and PC Demos available
  • Guitar Combos video demo at MESSE 05

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