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In-depth Feature:  NI Guitar Combos
Fat Elvis writes: .

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In Use ctd...

The AC Box
The AC Box has all the typical Vox sounds from clean through edgy and raunchy, the treble boost adding a nice degree of bite and a touch more overdrive when needed. The spring reverb sounds authentically spacious and er…springlike and the tremolo does that typical Vox bias tremolo throb. This is organic vintage sound with plenty of subtlety in it.

Likewise the Twang combo is awash with all the vintage Fender sounds from over the years with presets covering sound from Tweed and Blackface eras. This is where you will find plenty of clean sounds, enhanced by the onboard chorus, should you wish it but also a great bunch of rootsy and bluesy tones with the Skreamer available to goose the front end into a little extra dirt and sustain just like a Tube Screamer would.

The Plexi
If the AC Box and the Twang combo give you all the vintage sound you need, clean and overdriven without going too over the top, the Plexi brings things more into the modern high gain area with plenty to keep rockers and metal-heads happy. In a way it is probably the most versatile of the three in that the fuzz and the distortion pedals in combination with the amp’s innate overdrive give a really wide range of heavy rhythm sounds and lead tones while the delay is the icing on the cake adding rockabilly slapback, lush depth for Floydian solos or even backwards sounding stuff for special studio effects.

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