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In-depth Feature:  Arturia CS80v
Bruno writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Ease of Use 70% It's easy when you know how.
Stability 70% Solid, as long as your computer is.
Sonic Sweetness 100% I can't fault it.
Versatility 80% .
bang for the $ 100% You couldn't buy a real one if you tried.
Overall:   84% Good piece of kit

What is TAE?
As mentioned, the CS-80V is the second in Arturias TAE or True Analog Emulation range. Following on from the success of the Moog Modular V, TAE allows the CS-80V to be a very accurate reproduction of its namesake.

TAE is a new technology dedicated to the digital reproduction of vintage analog circuits. Digital synthesizers produce aliasing in high frequencies and also when using PWM and FM. TAE enables aliasing free oscillators and filters without extra strain on your CPU.

For the Arturia online price of 249UK (about 170$/Euros) you really can't go wrong with this synth, it's versatile enough to be your mainstay if its all you have and dynamic enough to still surprise you when you think you've heard it all already. The TAE technology gives it a quality which makes the fact that it is software rather than hardware nothing more than a convenience.

If I have a complaint its that the manual is terrible, it appears to have been translated from French by someone without a clue as to what they are writing about and some of it simply doesn't make sense.

Also, the fact that it was released when they must have known about the RTAS/TDM problems using Mac OS9 is a bit questionable. If I didn't use Logic as well I'd have been stuck with a product I couldn't use.

Arturia have really hit the mark now, I wasn't keen on Storm, it still seems like a Reason also ran, and the Moog Modular V was a bit fiddly to use unless you had a 21" monitor but this is a winner, as I hope the upcoming Minimoog will also be.

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