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In-depth Feature:  Arturia CS80v
Bruno writes: .

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New Additions
When you have the freedom to redesign something it is inevitable that you will come up with a few improvements. To this end Arturia have added a very versatile Modulation Matrix and also a new Multi mode, this enables the CS-80V to act rather more like its elder sibling the GX-1.

Modulation matrix editor
The Modulation Matrix lives under a panel to the left of the synthesis lines, it has 10 separate controls available, each one can select between 12 different sources and apply them at an adjustable amount to one each of 38 different destinations. This is great for LFO synced filters and envelopes and adds a greater depth to the sounds available.

The Multi Mode resides under a hatch at the top of the synth, which also covers up some neat but ultimately useless cooling fans.

The CS-80V is eight voice polyphonic and this mode enables each voice to be transposed, balanced and panned against the rest and assigned to a different key zone, allowing multiple sounds to be accessed on the keyboard simultaneously.

You can use this mode in some very creative ways since each voice is made up of the two synth lines you can set up crazy things such as an arpeggio which changes sound completely with each note.

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