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In-depth Feature:  Industry Interview -Roger Linn
Nick B writes: .

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SS: How did the original MPC concept come into being and how did you hook up with Akai?

RL: Stephen Paine, the founder of London's Syco Systems, make the introduction. It was a good fit because Akai needed a creative designer with ideas and I didn't want to do sales, marketing, finance or manufacturing, all of which Akai was very good at. The MPC concept was an attempt to properly re-engineer the Linn 9000, the high-end sampling drum machine / sequencer and last major product of my former company.

SS: So the MPC was pretty much all your work then? RL: Not entirely. I created the entire function design including the panel layout, software and hardware specification, then created the software together with my team. The hardware circuitry was actually created by a very smart English engineer named David Cockerell and his team. Then Akai did the production engineering, making it more manufacturable. SS: How long did you work with Akai and what was the highlight of that relationship for you?

RL: We collaborated until Akai decided to make their MPC2000 without me in order to avoid my design royalties.

SS: Since the MPC 60 came out, it's been the beats tool of choice for many Hip-Hop, R+B and Drum and Bass artists, which sort of makes you the daddy of all MPCs, did you ever expect it to be so successful?

RL: No, I had hoped it to be successful but I did not expect this success. It has been very nice.

SS: Do you get any recognition from the big stars who still use the technology you created?

RL: Yes, I often get thanks from artists. That is one of the greatest benefits of what I do-- to make a tool that inspires new art.

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