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In-depth Feature:  Industry Interview -Roger Linn
Nick B writes: .

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It's a Rap
The Linn Lineage

1979 LM1 drum computer

1982 LinnDrumm

1984 Linn 9000

1986 MPC 60

1988 ASQ10 – sequencer

1994 MPC 3000

2002 Adrenalinn

2003 Adrenalinn II

SS: How did the Adrenalinn come to be?

RL: The original idea came in the 1970s when I worked on an EMU modulation analog synthesizer. I became fascinated with processing guitar though programmed sequences of filter tones in sync to tape. I subsequently expanded the idea of various types of filtering and modulation effects in sync to a song or drumbeat. This required lots of gear, technical skill and time, so I'm pleased to put all of these original sounds into one low-cost stomp box.

SS: How long was the Andrenalinn development phase and where do you manufacture?

RL: The AdrenaLinn took about 2 years of development and is manufactured in northern California.

SS: Will we be seeing more Roger Linn products in the future - if so, can you give us any insights into what we might expect or areas that interest you?

RL: There will be more innovative guitar processing products. There will also be a drum machine type of product with some interesting new ideas for making music.

SS: These days, the cost/interface equation is resulting in some innovative new products, that incorporate simplicity of use and complexity behind the scenes, are there any pieces of modern gear that impress you with their design?

RL: Line 6 products are great. I play an AX2 212 amp when I occasionally play around the San Francisco bay area. I'm currently using Logic Audio and although the design is too technical and difficult to learn, it has some wonderful ideas in it. Roland manages to produce both high quality and high innovation.

SS: More powerful PCs, innovative software design - where is it all leading?

RL: To a better world.

SS: Do you have a mission statement?

RL: To have fun and get paid for it.

SS: What's in your CD player right now?

RL: Who still uses a CD player?

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