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In-depth Feature:  Music Tech Magazine - Opened Up
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Meat and Potatoes
First up is the method section which in issue two, continues the "Planning and Creating Your Perfect Studio" series - aimed unsurprisingly, at the musician setting up a studio of their own, the series offers advice on gear selection, connection and the like. Other tutorials include: Using Logics Delay effects, Groove Extraction in Cubase SX, Time Stretching in ProTools Free (also included on the CD), Compression, Recording Drums – mic selection and placement, ending up with the good old Q+A section.

Always beats me how new magazines manage these - for issue one, Music Tech got round this by inviting audio recording school Confetti Studios to give a FAQ - some of their frequently asked questions and answers.

So Review Me
So what of the reviews then? Well, there's a healthy selection of hardware (Motif Rack, E-MU Vintage Pro, Roland VariOS), software (Cakewalk Project5, Waves Platinum Bundle 4, Arturia Moog Modular V) and studio gear (Zoom MRS-12966, Samson C01) in issue two plus others, a regular sample CDs slot, though as yet no readers demos. You'll be pleased to know that criticisms are made where appropriate and there's a good stable of freelance writers.

Gimme The Free Stuff

Issue 3 CD
Of course, many magazines now come with a FREE! CD-ROM! and Music Tech does just that, the usual demos and samplers plus sample selections from Time + Space and Ubershall (around 130mb on No2). There are also files to accompany the tutorials. It’s not as attractive as some of the longer standing titles that wear a CD such as Computer Music, but it is early days and it's always good to have the latest stuff to hand, especially if you don't have a high-speed internet connection.

Competition is generally thought of as a Good Thing, especially for us consumers. Any new magazine in an established market is going to have a difficult time achieving critical mass. I don't think it’s for me to say whether I think it will sink or swim - from what I can see it has as good a chance as any - so it's up to you people to decide and vote with your feet, or rather wallets.

Music Tech is out on the third Thursday every month at £5.00 cover price. Subscriptions (UK and international) are available from the Music Tech website:


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