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In-depth Feature:  Music Tech Magazine - Opened Up
Theres new kid on the block -we check him out
Sonic writes: .

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It's A New Mag!
It's not everyday you get a new hi-tech mag come along and as we are running an ad campaign for this particular one, it seems only right to take a look inside and see what they’re up to.

The Music Tech Team
Based in the UK, Music Tech is aiming its sights on the space between the high-end, professional world of Sound On Sound and the more entry-level, though increasingly expansive Future Music. Now I can understand that you may well be scratching your (insert appropriate body part here) in a puzzled way if you live outside the UK, as that is where this and the other magazines mentioned are published, but increasingly, hi-tech mags are being shipped around the world, such is our desire to devour hi-tech writings. It's also worth mentioning that it's release has caused quite a stir in the UK publishing industry as it attempts to muscle into the gap left (or not) by it's competitors.

At the time of writing, Music Tech is at the grand old age of two (issues that is) so we thought it timely to flip open the pages and see what we could find inside - and on the cover mount CD-ROM.

Under The Covers
According to their website, Music Tech is "a new publication for people who create, record and edit their own music." They continue, "Our mission is simple: to help you get more out of your music, no matter what instruments you want to record."- a noble goal indeed.

As you would expect, issue one was stuffed with news of products from the big trade shows of the year - NAMM (January) and Musik Messe (March) - although of course we hope you read and hear much of that here first(!?).

So, there's a good chunk of news - as issue 2 reinforces, plus editorial columns from industry writers Phil Ward and Joe Bennett - sort of in the style of Mac User or PC Pro. This is one area that can give a magazine it's personality, with both writers being well known and respected in the publishing field and with an entertaining style, though would it have been more accessible for Joe Public to use people from the pointy end of the music biz - artists, producers or synth designers? Time will tell I guess.

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