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In-depth Feature:  Evolution MK-225C Controller
The MK-225Cis a straight forward, compact MIDI controller
Nick B writes: .

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Evolution have long been in the business of designing music technology for PC for both their own products and for third parties wishing to take advantage of their expertise, they’ve even been known to design for “the best known names in the industry” according to their site.

Currently their range covers both software and hardware. Their latest hardware focuses on MIDI control with several products of varying keyboard size and amounts of physical controllers.

We’re looking at the MK-225C, it sports a 25 key (2-octave) keyboard, pitch and mod wheels, a numeric keypad and eight assignable rotary pots. The unit also features a USB MIDI interface, allowing direct interfacing with the computer (more on this later)

In size, the MK-225C is similar to the M-Audio Oxygen8 (see review) though the keys are actually longer making the unit slightly larger with the pitch and mod wheels placed in traditional position to the left of the keyboard. If you want to get busy playing the piano then this is probably not the model for you – but don’t worry, Evolution also have a 61 note model with 16 controllers (MK-361C rrp $285). The MK-225C has an octave shift of –4, +5 and full polyphony, giving access to all available MIDI notes – this is not the case for all MIDI controllers – Oxygen 8 for example gives +/- 3 octaves.

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